LFI Conference 2023

The inaugural conference on Learning From Incidents in Software was held in Denver, Colorado on February 15th and 16th, 2023. page youtube

Incident Management in 2023. Nora Jones introduces herself by briefly retelling her journey from chaos engineering at Netflix to learning from incidents at Jeli. She opens her talk explaining how current practice in the industry makes sense given the way expertise grows within a growing startup. She then shares two reviews of the same incident to show how much more we can get using a new approach to learning. Opening Keynote: Incident Management in 2023. Nora Jones @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

Pressures Conflicts Adaptations. When we're now teaching people how to look for pressures, conflicts, and adaptations in their system, they need to start at the blunt end, distally and trace forwards in time and through layers of the organization towards the incident. The role of monitoring in proactive safety and performance management. Christine Jeffries @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

From Compliance to Learning. Much like when a software company blames engineers for their service outages, the US Forest Service had a history of blaming the dead after accidents. A crisis of trust undermined communications and information flow resulting in an abysmal accident rate and a breakdown of the relationship between front-line workers and leadership. This talk explores field initiatives and leadership actions that changed the approach to learning along three key pillars: The leadership safety journey, field initiatives that worked directly with practitioners, and some of the research that underpinned the changes. Moving Gracefully from Compliance to Learning. Dr. Ivan Pupulidy @ LFIConf2023. youtube

Under the Influence of LFI. The objective is not simply to help people make good judgements within a fixed trade-space. The objective is to change the trade-space to ensure better options are available. Warning: Principal Engineer under the influence of LFI. Tim Nicholas @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

Embrace the Multi-Party Dilemma. We run our code on the platforms of other companies. Misalignment across companies changes what is needed to keep our systems running. These insights also apply with internal platforms. Embracing the Multi-Party Dilemma: Learning from Incidents Across Company Boundaries. Sarah Butt and Alex Elman @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

合氣道 Aikido for a Hijacked Retro. We hope to start a conversation to think deeply as a group about how to approach creating and defending psychological safety in incident retros in the face of spicy conflict and blame. Would Aikido Help with a Hijacked Retro? Eric Dobbs & Clint Byrum @ LFI Conf 2023 [not recorded]

Incidents at Google Scale. Pop quiz: “Can you build a 99.99% service on top of 99.9% infra?” Counterintuitive spoiler: yes, you can. Canonical examples include highly-available RAID and Storage Area Networks built out of commodity hard drives. Historical thinking holds that the foundation must be more reliable than the systems built on top. In the inverted model, the system is more reliable than its dependencies. If you’re in the cloud, then you already rely on the inverted model. Incidents at Google Scale. Steve McGhee @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

Why You Need an IR Bot. Twelve years ago: there is no business case for using an incident chat bot. Today: bot is a non-player character responders can interact with in the same conversational flow state that they do with other responders. This is just like the way every video game on the planet now builds a training program into the story line and introductory game play. Why You Need To Be Using a Chat Bot For Your Incident Response. Noah Sussman @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube

Incident Archeology. An approach to learning across a broad collection of incidents—emphasis on breadth not depth. Are incidents just paperwork? "Can't I just fix things and move on with my job?" How can we captures the benefits of understanding communication, accountability, coordination, and learning from the paperwork? Incident Archeology. Clint Byrum @ LFI Conf 2023. youtube