Eric Dobbs

I'm a Learning Expert—esp. in schools of hard knocks

45yrs Skiing, 41yrs Computing, 31yrs Aikido-ing—4th degree blackbelt, 18yrs Husbanding, 16yrs Parenting.

41yrs Recreational Computing

30yrs Professional Computing

23yrs App Development + 7yrs DevOps.



Here's the approximate math on years of experience. The text above won't update itself. The calculations below will advance with the clock.

Today 1 JAN 1975 StartSki 1 JAN 1979 StartRec 1 AUG 1989 StartAikido 1 JAN 1990 StartPro 1 AUG 2002 Wedding 1 DEC 2004 Child

365.25 (day) per (year)

Today StartSki StartRec StartAikido StartPro Wedding Child CALC Today - StartSki SUM Skiing (year) CALC Today - StartRec SUM Recreational Computing (year) CALC Today - StartAikido SUM Practicing Aikido (year) CALC Today - StartPro SUM Professional Computing (year) CALC Today - Wedding SUM Marriage (year) CALC Today - Child SUM Parenting (year)